Universal Sticker Remover Wheel

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Size: 26mm
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The best way to remove Decals and Stickers on your automobile!

Effortlessly remove stickers and decals with our Universal Sticker Remover Wheel. This premium product is designed to save you time and energy, while leaving your surfaces unharmed. Say goodbye to sticky residue and hello to a polished finish with our must-have tool

  •  Do you need to change the decals and branding on your sales vehicle?
  • Do you need to remove old wallpaper from your walls?
  • Then this tool is a must have !
  • So Effective removal of auto body vinyl decals, pinstripes and pin striping, bumpers stickers and other adhesives from cars, boats, RVs, trucks, trailers, buses, bikes, motorcycles, appliances and more. 



  • There is no need to purchase extra expensive power tools as this tool accessory will fit any home drill.
  • The tool will also save money by avoiding the cost of stripping and replacing paint to remove decals, striping And stickers.
  • Great to use on multiple Paint, chrome, and metal surfaces.
  • Safe removal of  decals and stickers from painted surfaces without scratching them.It can be run on pneumatic, corded as well as cordless power tools or drills.
  • This tool will not scratch or harm acrylic enamel or urethane paint.
  • Apply light pressure to the top of the decal, working back and before until removed.
  • Apply a mild solvent to remove glue and residue.
  • Do not Use on lacquer coatings.
  • Kit includes electric drill adapter arbor for easy installation on any home power or pneumatic drill.
  • Use a low drill clutch or PSI setting to ensure low RPM running and light pressure application for optimal performance.


Product Information:
-Product Name:Universal Decal,Glue & Adhesive Sticker Remover. 
-Material: Rubber.
-Max Rotation Speed: 4000 RPM. 
-Diameter: 3.5/4 Inch,100/105mm.
-Net weight of tool: 0.258 (kg).

Package Includes :

1X 4/3.5 inch Universal Decal,Glue & Adhesive Sticker Remover wheel+ 1 Drill adapter


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