Tent Building Fort Kit

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DIY Tent Building Fort Kit are the ideal engineering gift for girls and boys. So Building a big and complex fort can be full of challenges and fun for kids, even parents. A great memory together will bring endless fun to your kids. So Parents can play with kids' creative Tent Building Fort Kits to make tents, pirate ships, caves, rockets, castles, igloo, teepees, castles, and another hideaway.

Tent Building Fort Kit

So Build whatever kids want to create for indoor and outdoor activities. They can even add a voila, bed sheet to build their hidden secret game base! So Build whatever they want to create for indoor and outdoor activities.

Tent Building Fort Kit

Encourages creativity and stimulates the imagination and develops critical thinking skills: So your children can build their own fort and design a house, castle, rocket ship, and more! Our Fort-Kit encourages children to develop their imagination and problem-solving skills!

FEATURES AND BENEFITS of the Tent Building Fort Kit

  • DURABLE AND SAFE: Our building set is made from solid non-toxic ABS plastic, ensuring long-lasting durability and the highest safety standards. Plastic sticks fit easily and securely into the connecting balls, which are both durable, easy to build, and quickly disassembled.
  • IDEAL GIFT FOR KIDS: This easy-to-build and the strong castle is an ideal gift for children who are good at hands-on.This fort building is set to give a terrific way to help kidsunleash imagination.Creative and imaginative toys can be played by 2-4 or more children. So Children can play and enjoy the fruits of their labor in the tent built by themselves.
  • CAPTURE THE IMAGINATION:  so Kids would focus their thoughts on creating the perfect fort, which helps to improve imagination, problem-solving, and critical thinking.
  • PROMOTES TEAM BUILDING SKILLS: Working with other kids helps promote team building skills and how to work with others. It can even be something the whole family does together and can be done indoor or outdoor, making this a great group activity.

SET1: 21 balls+45 root tubes=66PCS
With tent
SET 2: 21 balls+45 root tubes=66PCS
No tent
SET 3: 55 balls + 100 tubes = 155PCS
With tent
SET 4: 55 balls + 100 tubes = 155PCS
No tent
SET 5: 110 balls + 200 tubes = 310PCS
With tent

    1 x DIY 3D Play Sticks Design Building Tools

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