Cute Octopus Toys For Children

Color: Green
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This is your kid's fun and cute playtime companion

What could be more fun for little bathers than hanging in the tub with their cute octopus friends? Or just hang out and play?So the Cute Octopus Toys For Children are cute, colorful, and perfectly compact for a little kid. The realistic design visually engages toddlers.

Not just for bath time, but also for a joyful and happy playtime!

Go, Go! Cute Octopus Toys For Children. So this cute octopus toy has clockwork and a rotating device, Rotate the octopus clockwise and put it in the water, they will swim very quickly. So put it on the floor, it can glide through the surface! It will surely be your kid's favorite toy!

Made of non-toxic ABS plastics, non-battery,and the edges are smooth enough for babies to touch, play and hug. So It is very safe for your baby and protects your kid's little hands!


  • Multi-functional toy: Baby toys have 2 different color octopus toys to choose from. It can be played on water and on land. Let your baby's curiosity be the key to his happiness and will help to develop creativity, let the baby take a bath easier.
  • Safe and High-Quality Material: The Cute Octopus Toys For Children is made of non-toxic ABS. The edges are smooth enough for babies to touch and play. Also, non-batteries, wind-up water toys are adapted to any bathtub and swimming pool and move forward at high speed. It safe for your baby!
  • Let Baby Enjoy Bath: The Cute Octopus Toys For Children has full wobbling tentacles that if you put it in the water, it will swim and put it on the ground, enjoy as you watch how fast it can glide its way to the floor! Whether it is bathing or playtime, let your child enjoy quality time.



  • Product material: plastic toys
  • Product color: pink, green
  • Size product: 13cmx25cmx1 1cm



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