Multifunctional kitchen Organizer

Color: White
Sale price$48.99


Everyday items in one place for a carefree kitchen! 

Do you have a hard time organizing your kitchen?

Is it difficult to find that favorite spice box when cooking your favorite meal?

Do you need a kitchen organizer that can store your daily kitchen essentials in one place?

Then this product is just for you. 

Store your knives and scissors on the left side.Save space on your worktop.

The right side has space for every spoons.

The bottom has  six drawers for spices with spoons.

Comes in three colors -Red, white and Green.

it  has a hollow design on the sides with a drain plug arrangement at the bottom.

This is a great feature.The water that runs off the spoons and knives after washing them can be easily drained. 


- Item name: Seasoning Box
- Material: ABS + PC
- Color: White, red, green
- Weight: 2000g
- Size: 20 x 23 38cm
-Packaging size: 21 x 24 x 40cm
-Application: Kitchen Storage box for spice, knife, bottles, etc.


- The actual product color may vary from images.

Packing list:

*Package includes:1 x Multifunctional Seasoning Box Set





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