Little Children's Educational Workbook

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 It is the easiest and most effective child learning workbook with visual guidance in the world!

This informative Little Children's Educational Workbook includes picture coloring and cognitive games that provide various exercises to support fine motor skills, concentration, and hand-eye coordination. In the book, the focus line alternates with the training page and the coloring page.

These pen control worksheets & image illustrations have been carefully designed to allow you to track the number axis.

Little Children's Educational Workbook

Through this Little Children's Book workbook, you will support and prepare your child's graphic skills in writing letters and numbers. So Use this colorful and interactive preschool handwriting workbook to prepare children for success in preschool and beyond !

Little Children's Educational Workbook


  • Promote Development: Lines and shapes for beginners. So Simple and short exercises ensure early successes. Recognition of directions, forms, and lines along with first experiences of hand-eye coordination.
  • Right Writing Habit: Enhance advanced skills with turns and arches.So  Optimize pen grip and control by mastering loops, hooks, and directional changes.
  • Enhance child's skills through symbols and pictures: Creating simple pictures and figures can be enjoyable for your child, while also building their self-confidence and fostering their imagination. So it can subconsciously enhance their understanding of mathematical concepts such as figures, symbols, and symmetry.
  • Ergonomic Design: In the book, concentration line tracing exercise pages alternate with coloring Carefully designed picture illustrations invite you to trace the lines of the figures.


  • Material: coated paper
  • Size: 21x29.7cm
  • Color: [Basics 64 pages] strokes and lines, [advanced 48 pages] points and draws, [advanced pages 128] points and paints
Little Children's Educational Workbook


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