Foldable Travel Duffel Bag

Color: Black
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The Benefits of Using a Foldable Travel Duffel Bag for Weekend Getaways.

Foldable Travel Duffel Bag

Tired of bulky luggage for weekend trips? So this Foldable Travel Duffel Bag is the perfect solution! So Discover the benefits of this versatile and convenient bag.

Foldable Travel Duffel Bag

So are you tired of lugging around bulky luggage for short weekend trips? This duffel bag may be just what you need!

Foldable Travel Duffel Bag

These versatile and convenient bags offer a range of benefits, from easy storage to lightweight portability.So read on to learn more about the advantages of a foldable travel duffel bag.

Versatile and adaptable to different travel needs.

Foldable Travel Duffel Bag

Gain a deeper understanding of the benefits of a portable,foldable duffel bag that offers both compact storage and lightweight convienience.

They can also be used as a carry-on bag for flights or as an extra bag for souvenirs on the way back.

Additionally,they can be easily packed away in a larger suitcase for use as an extra bag on the return trip. So with a foldable travel duffel bag, you have the flexibility to adapt to different travel situations without having to invest in multiple bags.

Product information:

  • Product category: travel bag/Duffel bag
  • Luggage size: medium
  • Capacity: 20-35L
  • Internal structure of the bag: zipper pocket, mobile phone pocket, document pocket, interlayer zipper pocket
  • Opening method: zipper
  • Material: Oxford cloth
  • Strap root number: single
  • Carrying parts: soft handle
  • Function: breathable, waterproof, multi-functional, lightweight, storage, wear-resistant, dry and wet separation, independent shoe storage
  • Color: purple, light gray, blue, black, orange, light green

Packing list:

Foldable Travel Bag X 1

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