Collapsible cat tunnel

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So this Cute Collapsible cat tunnel gives your furry babies a cozy space to play, relax and rest. This indoor playground can be used as a pet cave, hideaway, tent, and great for interactive activities such as hide and seek.

collapasable Cat bed

Cute Collapsible cat tunnel  contains sound paper and toys, which cater to the habits that kittens like to hide. So The thick bed and the wide tunnel are detachable and the exquisite bed curtains satisfy the cat's habit of hiding and increase the sense of security.

2 in1 cat bed

It comes in three colors to match your pet's style. So Every part can be easily connected or disconnect with zipping. Your cats will love this new tunnel and its soft warm padded bed.


  • HIGH-QUALITY FABRIC: Canvas fabric makes the Cute Collapsible cat tunnel scratch-resistant & snooze-worthy comfort. So your cat get a a durable microfiber cat bed  without sacrificing the softness for the desired comfort. Baguette-like sleeping zone with whole-piece stuffing contributes year-round fluffiness.

  • EASY TO STORE: This product comes with detachable parts allowing for easy storage when not in use.

  • WARM AND COZY: Plush fabric, soft and durable, warm in winter, with two scratching balls hanging on each end of the tunnel.

  • EASY TO CLEAN: The thick bed and wide passage are removable and washable. You can throw it on the washer and hang dry.


  • Material: Cloth
  • Length: 126 x 27cm
  • Mat Length: 55cm

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Collapsible cat tunnel

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